International and National Repatriation

Repatriation is the act of restoring a person to his or her native land from interstate or from overseas.

Why choose to repatriate?

It may be your wish to be buried in the land of your birth, perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery where members of the family have always been buried.

Alternatively, the family may feel that the person's soul may not be at peace if the body was buried anywhere but their homeland.

Taking home the body or human remains of someone who has died or been buried in a foreign land can be an important spiritual journey for many.

It is always wise to discuss your wishes with family and close friends so that they are prepared to see to your final wishes.

Metropolitan Funerals repatriation services

We offer expert repatriation of the deceased to all parts of Australia and overseas.

From the transferring of the deceased into our care; to the embalming and the provision of a suitable casket for air transport; to the legal documentation for foreign shipment and the consultation with the Consulate's Office; and to the air transportation to the deceased's country of origin – Metropolitan Funerals will know what to do.

For information or advice on our repatriation services, please contact Metropolitan Funerals on

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