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As funeral directors we provide a wide range of services, and strive to help ease the burden in your time of need.

We are dedicated to offering the best possible service, always with your needs and budget in mind.

Key services that you can always expect from Metropolitan Funerals are listed below. If you have special requests, please ask our staff.

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How we can help you

  1. 24/7 availability - Our highly trained staff can arrange to take the deceased into our care at any time
  2. Funeral arrangements - We can arrange a funeral:
            - locally
            - within QLD
            - between QLD and another state
            - to/from overseas
  3. Clergy/Celebrant - We will liaise with clergy or a celebrant about the service you prefer; arranging for the date, time and place
  4. Coffin or casket - We can help you choose the right coffin or casket from our large range
  5. Burial or cremation - We will organise time and place for the burial or cremation
  6. Floral tributes - We can order the floral tributes of your choice and arrange them at the church, chapel or graveside, as well as collect & return all floral tribute cards to you and your family
  7. Transport - We can arrange transportation to and from the service for you and your family
  8. Memorial booklet, Orders of Service & DVD presentation - We will provide a memorial booklet with printed personal names of all those who attended the funeral, and can also arrange the printing of Orders of Service and DVD presentations for you to keep
  9. Music - We can help you select and arrange music for the funeral service
  10. Let us do the paperwork - We can take care of the following paperwork for you:
            - burial or cremation certificate from the Doctor or Coroner
            - complete registration details with the Government Registrar
            - certified copies of the death certificate
            - prepare and arrange for funeral notices in any newspaper
            - assist you contacting relevant authorities if organ donation was selected

Our funeral directors will walk you through the funeral arrangements, listen to your wishes and special requests and help create a service that is as personal or as traditional as you would like.

The most common funeral services include:

  • A service in a church our chapel
  • A service held in a church or chapel followed by a procession to a cemetery
  • A service at a crematorium chapel
  • A graveside service
  • A service at an alternative location such as a park, beach, private gardens or family home

You are not restricted to these options, so if you have other suggestions please discuss them with us.

A prepaid funeral can save you money and give peace of mind

With a prepaid funeral from Metropolitan Funerals, you lock in your funeral at today’s prices.

You beat rising costs and avoid ongoing payments.

With a prepaid funeral you remove the worry over arrangement details and funeral costs from your family and friends.

See our 5 Great reasons to prepay your funeral for more information. 

Thinking about funeral insurance? Compare the cost of a prepaid funeral to a funeral insurance policy in a few easy steps with our online tool.

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