Choosing a Funeral Director

Choosing a Funeral Director

A funeral director is no different to any other professional person whom you may need to call on for a specialised service, such as a doctor, solicitor or accountant. You should carefully consider their qualifications, facilities and ability to service your needs.

We offer you the freedom of choice

We employ both male and female funeral directors, so you may choose to have all men, all women or a combination. Whether the choice of men or women funeral staff is for personal or religious reasons, we can guarantee that you will receive caring funeral professionals who can attend to every aspect of the funeral service.

At Metropolitan Funerals, you can be assured of our professional integrity, skills, compassion and service. You can approach us with confidence, knowing we adhere to strict professional disciplines and standards of ethical conduct.

When contacting your nearest Metropolitan branch, please let us know how we can help you choose a funeral director that is best suited for your needs – we will always fully respect your wishes.

Our Code of Ethics

  • To maintain the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct
  • To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in us by our clients and members of the public
  • To ensure staff are qualified and competent
  • To ensure that facilities are adequate for all services rendered to the community
  • To provide information concerning the range of services available, the prices of these services, and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of our clients
  • To respect the personal choice of clients and have regard for their diversity of beliefs in religious and cultural practices
  • To be thoroughly conversant with the laws of the land as they apply to a funeral service and allied industries and professions
  • To provide conciliation arrangements to help resolve any disputes that may arise.

To nominate Metropolitan Funerals as your chosen funeral director, please download this form.