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Compare a Prepaid Funeral vs Funeral Insurance

A prepaid funeral plan can save you money

Our online calculator lets you compare the cost of a prepaid funeral plan against a funeral insurance policy in a few easy steps.

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3 reasons a prepaid funeral could save you money

1. Locking in costs at today's prices - it's a fixed price funeral and you avoid rising costs
2. No ongoing payments - once paid in full there are no other costs
3. Pay in instalments or upfront - you don't need to have the full sum available today

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The Calculator

Compare funeral costs of a prepaid funeral plan, funeral insurance and no protection in a few simple steps.

Please note: the figure of $6,000* is for comparison purposes only. As there are a wide range of funeral choices, your Prepaid Funeral Plan may be less or more expensive based on the choices you make.

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Funeral Scenario

Here you can review the default values we use for our comparison or tailor the scenario to your funeral needs.


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Here you can review the default policy we use for the comparison or enter your own policy details to further personalise your comparison.


My Results^^^

Your results are based on the choices you have made in the Calculator and compare the cost between a Prepaid Funeral, Funeral Insurance or No Protection.

Funeral Insurance

Premiums to pay over the next # years ***


No Protection

One off payment in # years **


Extra to pay with a Prepaid Funeral ^^ $0

Extra to pay with Funeral Insurance $0

* The default figure of $6,000 is for comparison purposes only. This value is an estimated average based on the Council on the Ageing estimates ( As there are a wide range of funeral choices, your Prepaid Funeral Plan may be less or more expensive based on the choices you make.

^ Funeral insurance figures are based on the assumptions made in the Rice Warner Actuaries Report, April 2015, Pre-Funding Funerals. For a copy of the report please contact our Prepaid Funeral Consultants.

# The guarantee assumes the funeral insurance benefit payout will be the greater of the premiums paid or the sum insured amount. 

***The default cover amount and funeral insurance results take into account your life expectancy, the effects of inflation, and the type of funeral insurance product detailed in the Review/Edit insurance details section. 

^^^ The calculations and results produced by the calculator are for illustration purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for any specific financial advice you may obtain. You should not make any financial decisions based on this calculator without first consulting your licensed financial adviser.

** This figure is based on the effects of inflation, given the purchase of a funeral at the time of your death (calculated based on the assumption you die at your life expectancy).

^^ The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions within the agreement. Any services required in addition to the original agreement may incur extra costs.